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When designing and developing our products, light quality, energy efficiency and security are front of mind. We consider the needs and challenges of our customers upfront and offer best-in-class design solutions during the planning and decision phase.

Expert project and planning advice

Deep experience with the complexities of industrial, public and private construction projects means we see the big picture. Our connected systems provide a fully integrated solution by combining the right configuration of our individual products. With Solution Finder, you’ll find a database of solution templates to get you started with your planning. (If you’d prefer we help, please get in touch.)   We’re always here to help optimize existing lighting set-ups, or to plan new building management systems. 

Personalized advice

Christian Fuchs, Development & Planning

Züblin Solution Finder

Configure your own system

In Solution Finder you can start with multiple existing solutions and tailor them to fit your project. Quickly customize your own system and share with project partners, or let us help you fine-tune it.

Tailored solutions to share


Find your solution in Solution Finder.


Adapt to project needs (choose components and number).


Save configuration and share it with project partners via email or send it directly to our planning support team.  

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Set-up your custom solution portfolio with Züblin. All it takes is an email address to gain access to extra features and project configurations anytime, anywhere. Features include: saving multiple projects and ‘private’ or ‘shared’ folders.

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Smarter Planning tools

When it comes to lighting, careful light planning will raise the comfort and ambiance of any property. We recommend our partner planning tools. Invaluable at the design stage, it will ensure you get the most energy-efficient configuration possible. Friendly, realistic graphics visualise complex lighting options, security considerations and gives you creative control for a more complete approach to lighting design.

Free light planning software

With our partner Relux, Züblin gives planners and anyone involved in a project access to all LED light data online. The free, downloadable Relux-Software integrates with our full product range. This means your lighting planning is fast, efficient and uses the most up-to-date technical data.

Relux Webseite …

Electrical planning software

This planning software is the simplest way to insert detectors into your electrical planning. Download at RED CAD((Insert link)). A range of our products is graphically presented and you can run a qualitative test for optimal detector placement. General information about our products and helpful links are also available from inside the tool.

RED CAD Webseite …

Züblin product information

Light diagrams, tender texts, specifications and connection diagrams

Additional information about our products is available from our product pages. Specifications, tender texts, light and connection diagrams can be downloaded as a PDF.