Timeless design. Ultra-efficient. Zero maintenance.

Inside or outside, Züblin lights improve everyday life. They add security and set a warm, comfortable environment. You’ll appreciate our lights for the quality, flexibility, ease of installation and their durability.

LED-lights without sensors

Smart. Precise. Reliable.

Lights with integrated sensors or detectors lights track movement and/or presence to give you the ultimate in energy-saving potential. The sensors can control individual light zones, measure ambient brightness, and regulate light intensity in the most unassuming, efficient way. The right kind of  light, when you need it.

Sensor-controlled solutionsSensor lights

Easy to install. Flexible service. Low maintenance.


DALI masters and slaves are fully flexible and can be connected to each other, both in parallel and independently of your planned light zone. Light zones can be configured and reconfigured easily via remote control or app.

Connected solutions DALI



The exceptionally flat and fast High Bay Lumiqs set new standards in lighting hall spaces. With a simple ‘Movement Test’, each module links together autonomously to form a group. Once programmed they turn themselves on and off independently as needed.

Intelligent hall lighting

Different light zones. Multifunctional, even outside building management systems.

Movement and presence detectors with multiple channels can do more than control individual light zones. They’ll also speak to other devices. For example, ventilation can be controlled, whether you’re onsite or not. And other functions are easy to add.

Multiple channel solutions

Ultra-efficient. Optimize. Quality of life.


Detectors with KNX Standards send data to your building management systems allowing you to monitor an entire building. Security mechanisms like blinds and air conditioning are connected seamlessly and efficiently. For instance, when you’re away, blinds stay partially open to provide natural light, but closed sufficiently so as not to allow heat into the building. That’s smart.

Automation solutions KNX