About Züblin

30 years of brightness

A leading developer and manufacturer of presence and movement detectors, sensors and LED lights across Europe, Züblin offers reliable solutions for planning, installation and operation of lighting systems. Züblin offers efficient, total solutions for innovative building technology of the future.

Lighting expertise since 1986

Züblin was founded in Switzerland in 1986. We specializes in the development and maintenance of presence and movement detectors, sensors and LED lights. Between 1992 and 1997, subsidiary companies were estabilished in France, Germany and Austria. Our products have become the most energy-efficient lighting systems in Europe. At the start of 2014 Züblin expanded once more, this time in Poland. Today, the Züblin Group has a turnover of over 20 million euros and employs around 70 people.

In 2014 Züblin joined the Belgian Niko Group

Niko, of the Niko Group, was founded in Belgium in 1919. Today, with an annual turnover of approxomately 170 million euros and around 680 employees, the group is the market leader for switches, plugs and home automation. Niko operates distributor organizations in 10 countries and is engaged in a focused strategy for growth. The Niko Group includes Niko (Belgium), Servodan (Denmark), Fifthplay (Belgium) and the M. Züblin AG.

Cross-industry partnerships

SensNORM Board Member

Züblin is a Board member of SensNORM. The purpose of SensNORM is

  1. to stimulate, organize, manage and moderate the drawing up of norms and standards in building technology in the field of sensor technology, in an orderly and transparent way to the benefit of the community and in the public interest. The resulting norms and standards promote innovation, security and understanding in the economic as well as quality assurance and rationalization fields for the benefit of the consumer. The results are published, their application will be funded.
  2. The Association liaises with similar organizations domestically as well as abroad.
  3. The Association is not-for-profit.

KNX Partner

Züblin is both a KNX partner and a manufacturer of products suitable for use in KNX systems. The KNX Association is committed to:

  1. The development and promotion of the KNX Standard, in order to promote this standard to become:
  2. the worldwide standard for home and building system technology
  3. for the automation of all applications for residential and functional buildings worldwide.

The KNX Association focuses on promoting the KNX Association, its members and its products in the market as the worldwide driving force for opening-up the market for intelligent residential and functional buildings, and to increase the percentage of intelligent infrastructure in buildings. The KNX Association and the KNX standard introduce many new opportunities for your business.

Minergie Member

A member of Minergie, the Züblin company manufactures products that adhere to the Minergie.  Minergie is a Swiss energy building standard for new and newly-renovated buildings. The association is joint effort between industry, the Swiss cantons and the Swiss Federal Government. According to Minergie standards, energy consumption is the critical parameter for assessing the quality of construction.  As such, a reliable measurement of the total energy consumption of a building is required.

Züblin detectors or Züblin LED lighting, will reduce the energy consumption of your building easily, without sacrificing comfort, to achieve Minergie standards.

Richard Landolt, Managing Director

Züblin values long-term partnerships

The Niko Group has partners across Europe with extensive know-how.  Züblin customers have access to an extensive product range both now and in future. Our focus on innovation and an expanding product range means we’re always investing in research and development. For us, quality and customer satisfaction always come first. With three development centres, in Switzerland and Europe, as well as our own production facility in Belgium, we’re investing in quality, know-how and innovative expertise for the long-term. Züblin is your partner for quality solutions in lighting and building technology today and in the future.