Züblin’s high-precision sensors detect more than just movement. They measure ambient light, adapt to individual needs and stay discreetly in the background. Our sensors also send valuable data for building management. .

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These days efficiency and usability are everything. Seamless, connected systems maintain air quality, control blinds, open and close doors and support efficient energy management of modern buildings..

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Light intensity and light temperature affect our mood and well-being. Adaptive light systems provide a pleasant environment, security and comfort. Our lights, detectors and intelligent systems have broad applications – industrial and private..

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“Adjustable solutions that reduce costs – once and for all.”

Marco Habegger, Sales Director

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Züblin solutions make optimal use of energy-saving technology so you recoup your investment in no time. Choose an ultra-efficient universal solution and reduce the maintenance and operational cost of your property for good.

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“Right decisions at the right moment.”

Christian Fuchs, Planning and Development

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We work closely with you during the design phase to guarantee best results. We’re always available to help optimize existing lighting modules, or plan a modern building management system.

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“Together we’ll find the perfect fit.”

Daniel Winiger, Advice & Support

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Züblin products are unique in their ease of installation. When you do need help, our support team is at the ready.

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